Online health and safety management system

Powerful features to make Health and Safety easy and accessible

Content always up to date

Dedicated health and safety experts will update content when there are changes in health and safety requirements


Easy tools to help automate your consultation and gain input from employees

Diary system

Diary system to remind you of key dates (e.g. training renewal, documents reviews, equipment inspections etc)

Document management system

Reminders to review and help manage documents

Upload training certificates or other information

Easy upload of certificates and other information

Video training

Includes introduction to health and safety videos (office only) for employees and managers

Induction training

Ensure new employees are given all the information they need about health and safety

Online forms

Online forms to record information

Online DSE assessment

Carry out DSE assessments online

Desktop training / toolbox talks

Includes sample desktop talks / toolbox talks

Sample risk assessments

Access to sample risk assessments and risk assessment guidance

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