YourHS.Space – Frequently Asked Questions

How does the health and safety management system work?

We deliver health and safety via an online Portal (called This presents all your health and safety documentation that employees and managers can access via a secure log-in. It includes your health and safety policy and the arrangements you have put in place for health and safety. They can also access risk assessments online.

New employees are taken through an online induction, including an ‘Introduction to Health and Safety’ video and induction checklists. They can also complete online forms to report accidents or raise concerns. 

The Managers (and Competent Persons) area, gives a step by step guide allowing the Competent Person to put all the required documentation in place, with templates and sample documents to cover every area. 

There are also videos on: The Roles and Responsibilities of the Competent Person, An Introduction to Health and Safety for Managers and How to Complete Risk Assessments.

How do we keep up with changes in Health and Safety?

If there is a change in health and safety, we advise you and update your site for you. You will always have the latest guidance and documentation available. We will also communicate the change to employees where applicable.

Must we have a Competent Person?

Yes, by law you must appoint a Competent Person. In the absence of anyone else, the director/owner will need to take on this role.

We are only a low risk environment. Why do we need a health and safety management system?

Even if you are a low risk environment, you are responsible for the health and safety of those that you employ. You can still be subject to both civil and criminal prosecution if you fail to meet your health and safety obligation.  This can include both physical harm and mental harm (e.g. stress).

Does the service include onsite health and safety audits?

We carry out a remote audit with you initially and then annually thereafter. We can provide an onsite audit if preferred. This is offered under our additional services.

How much time will it take to do our health and safety?

Once it is set up, health and safety does not have to take up a great deal of time. It is a case of monitoring, keeping records and reviewing what is in place. With you are reminded of what needs to be done and when. Initial training, ongoing communication and consultation with staff is managed on the whole by 

There is however some initial set up to get to this position. We do as much as we can for you and work with your Competent Person for the vast majority of this.

Do you do all our risk assessments as part of the service?

We provide you with samples and templates and a video on how to complete risk assessments. We also provide further guidance via our Competent Person coaching. It is far more beneficial to complete risk assessments in-house. We can complete risk assessments for you under our additional services, but when we do, we would still like to train someone in house at the same time.